Hello sunshine

Even when all hope seems lost, don't forget to flourish.
an endless loop of dancing flowers in vases, locked up in quarantine.

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 28/20cm


Even when the world seems to stand still, there is always something that moves us.
An endless loop of a rotating room in time and space.

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 21/30cm

Transience of life

A still life capuring the beauty of Living & dying & reliving it.
An endless loop of a Memento Mori.

In a edition of 15 pc + 1AP
Size around 31/23cm

Dancing Daisies

An endless loop of a vase with dancing daisies.

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 21/30cm

The spectator

An endless loop of a Urban alienation passing by.

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 30/21cm

Working my way up

“It seems to me it doesn’t really matter whether one works hard or stumbles one’s way through life. Somehow, the result of any lifestyle is equal to any other. While one falls down, another works hard to get higher, but there are always these forces that keep everybody more or less at the same level.”

Collaboration with Maarten Baas

Available on request
Size around 28/60 cm

In Memoriam

An ode to the flowers that once bloomed...
An endless loop of a 15cm miniature bouquet preserved for eternity.

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 30/21cm

In Memoriam 2.0

An ode to the flowers that once bloomed...
An endless loop of a 10cm miniature bouquet preserved for eternity.

In a edition of 1pc
Size around 23/18cm

Cultivating time

Time is our most valuable asset and should be handled with care.
An endless loop of time passing by in an old warehouse

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 30/31cm

Broken bulb

Broke bulb is a small problem solving scene by it's self, captured in an endless loop.
What's needed to replace a light-bulb when you dont have an ladder?
This situation gives you a little insight of a hero who will defy this stacked tower at any time.

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 21/30cm


An endless loop of a Dandelion reveiling & concealing its fragile beauty.

In a edition of 15 pc + 3AP
Size around 28/20cm


Dutch design week 2022

OCT, 22 The studio opens it doors to the public from 22-30 October, daily from 11-19H
Presenting the newest Slow stories and a first NFT drop of 3 Slow stories together with Authic.io
Plus many more things. Curious? Feel free to drop by for a chat!

Walter at 75 years DAE

JUN'22 Design academy is celebrating its 75th anniversary!
And my graduation film, Walter a dialgogue with the imagionation, will be on display.

From 7-12 June 
Via Vincenzo Monti, 59
20145 Milano


Teaching at DAE

SEPT'21 Starting teaching for one semester at studio Thinking Hands at the Design Academey Eindhoven.

New exciting project

MAY'21 Working on a new exicing project...
Reveil..? stay tuned...

#DESIGNOPEN 13&14 Dec.

DEC'20 Eindhoven based Designers joint forces by opening their studio doors simultaneously on 13 and 14 December, from 12:00 – 17:00 h. During these 2 days they will show their latest projects.
Feel free to drop by the studio these days to see my lates developments on Slowstories and my newest 2 Stoyobjects.
And dont forget to visit all the other studios in Eindhoven. 
For a full list of open studio's click here.

Designer Dialogues

OCT'20 Especially for DDW, Designer Dialogues, a programme by designers for designers.
A dialogue between me & Anne Ligtenberg.

Watch the interview here. 


OCT'20 This years Dutch Design Week will be fully online.
Celebrating 10 studio years!
Check out my digital space online right here.

Celebrating 10 Studio years!

JUL'20 Time flies whenyour having fun...
What a great decade! Up for an other one.

Big thanks to hundereds of people who supported me, collaborated with me and made my studio grow & flourish. 
I enjoyed every little bit!

Eternal gratitude!
X niels

Zapp Live

APR' This April 23 between 13h and 15h at NPO3 I will be visiting the studio of Zapp Live again and talk about DIY Stop motion animation with with some usefull tips and tricks to do at home.

Cuddle school

MAR'20 Very proud on my first childrens book Knuffelschool (Cuddelschool).

First day at cuddleschool, all very exciting! Pop-pop our main character pinguin, is a bit worried. He doesnt like cuddels that much. Will he succeed to become a good cuddly toy?

Collaboration with
Anne-Clair Petit
Janneke van der Velden
Volt kinderboeken

Available here (Dutch only)

Opening KLM Crown Lounge

NOV'19 KLM purchased an Story object "Broken bulb" to display amongs other Dutch Design for their Dutch Mountain at Schiphol Airport. Today we celabrated the big opening of their brand new Crown Lounge.

Dutch Design Week 2019

OCT'19 Slow Stories are subtle stop motion animated scenes that explores the boundaries of Film and Art and what is still narrative.
Performed in 5 new piecesIn contrast to our daily online video consumption full of hyperactive eye candy, Slow Stories will give the viewer back peace and tranquility and creates space for your own interpretation & imagination.

During this DDW the studio will launch Slow Stories and a first series of it's story frames.

10 Oct - 27 Oct
Open daily from 11H-20H

Sectie-C: Hall 8 (south entrance)
Daalakkersweg 8
5641 JA Eindhoven
Map No. F4
Sectie-C area

Slow Stories is online!

OCT'19 Slow Story is now online!
Slow Stories are subtle Stop motion animated scenes and objects that explores the boundaries of film and art, creating space for the viewer’s own interpretation and imagination.
These animations are showcased in a picture frame and are available on request. In editions of 15pc +1AP

Royal Visit

APR'19 I had the pleasure to receive our Majesty the King at my studio at Sectie-C and to introduce him to some of my latest work. Thanks to the City of Eindhoven and the Dutch Design week for making this happen.
Photo by: Max Kneefel

-Connect- Salone del Mobile, 04-09 / 04-14 / 2019

APR'19 -Salone del mobile-
NEW WORK. Trying to reconnect nature with the unseen eye by presenting a serie of floral compositions carfully arranged with the tiniest and most beautiful flowers among us, displayed in several forms.
Curious? Hope to see you there!
Openings Party April 10 at 19h
5Vie, Via Cesare Correnti 14
Connect has been produced by 5VIE with the support of the General Consulate of the Netherlands

De wereld draait door

OCT'18 On monday 22 October i will be visiting the TV studio of the - Wereld draait door- to talk about the one of the biggest soccer heroes, No14, Johan Cruijff and the animation I made about him.

See the show here.

Stop motion Gallery during the Dutch Design Week 2018

OCT'18 The animation studio this year has transformed into a gallery that's all about wonder and imagination.

New autonomous projects will experience their debut here. Limited miniatures and prints can be viewed and / or purchased here. 
Next to this new gallery experience, the most recent stop motion projects will be showcased and the result of last years 'Big stop motion animation improvisation show' will be presented. 

Curious? Please drop by for a visit.

The studio is open every day during the DDW from 12h-21h and is located at building 8-40 at Sectie C

The Uncanny String at Van Eyck in Maastricht

JUN'18 The artists taking part in The Uncanny String use dolls in their work to address social, political and cultural themes. As simulants of humankind, they have an expressive quality that has traditionally served to confront us with the reality that we have constructed for ourselves. The doll holds up a mirror to us, interrogates the dominant powers and comments on current affairs.

This exhibition explores the many aspects of dolls and their potentials. They appear in different guises ranging from the lifelike to the grotesque. They may be painted or sculptural, may figure in stop-motion animations or virtual reality. Uncanny, yet familiar.

Alice Creischer, Pieke Dassen, Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, N.S. Harsha, Niels Hoebers, Joonas Hyvönen, Marie-Claire Krell, Taus Makhacheva, Rasmus Nilausen, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Wouter van Riessen, Thomas Schütte, Marta Volkova & Slava Shevelenko, Sepideh Zamani

29 June – 24 August 2018
Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 17:00
Closed 16 July – 5 August

Van Eyck

Playgrounds NEXT at TAC Eindoven

JUN'18 Playgrounds presents its new Next talents: Niels Hoebers, Loek Vugs and Marleine van der Werf.

Next is a talent development programme initiated by Playgrounds. Playgrounds showcases and celebrates the creative image. We organise inspiring events, artist talks, expo’s, workshops and masterclasses throughout the year in several cities. Imagine Everything. The best and brightest artists and animators, extraordinary filmmakers, game, sound and graphic designers.


The Box Exhibition

APR'18 I had the pleasure to set up a exhibition of my work at -The Box-
A great initiative from the Lynfabrikken in Aarhus Denmark. 
Go see it until the end of July, it runs 24/7!
Vestergade 62, Aarhus Denmark

The Box, Lynfabrikken

Talent award Playgrounds Next 2018

APR'18 I'm proud to announce that i have been awarded with the Playground Next award.
This means that I will be part of a tailor-made program that will support my studio in achieving new future goals. And in realizing new projects.

Tussen Kunst & Design, Interview met Eigen huis & interieur

MAR'18 An interview with me and the things that drive, facinate and inspirere me.
For the Dutch magazine EH&I No2.
Thanks Marianne & Kaatje for this nice portrait.

Transition Day

DEC'17 Celebrating Transition Day!
After the 6th of December our St. Nicolas will go back to Spain and will make room for Santa clause...7 Dec Transition Day!!
Specially for our Dutch and Belgian friends!

Dutch Design Week 2017

During the DDW the NEW studio of Niels Hoebers will open it's doors for a big Improvisation Stop motion Animation show.

He will team-up with all his visitors of the DDW and will create an on going animation during these days. As he animates non-stop, you will provide him with content, choosing objects and more from the studio archive.

The stop motion animation studio of Niels Hoebers featuring works that is using real physical materials, texture, lights and colors, creating lively stop motion animation films with a clear signature.

Collaborations with other artists is an essential part of the studio existence and finds it one of the most inspiring and satisfying parts of his work.

So let’s make this DDW the BIGGEST COLLABORATION EVER !!!

DDW website


OCT'17 Look who's back! Walter at Van Abbe Museum.
-Beyond Generations-
70 Years of Design academy Eindhoven. 
Starting from 07/10/2017 - 05/11/2017

Interview omroepBrabant

Studio visit by Galileo

JUN'17 A wile ago the crew of Galileo visited my studio. You can look back the interview through this link (dutch only).

BNO Utrecht editie #32

MAY'17 On Tuesday May 16th I will be talking about my work process on Stop motion animation. Next to the talented Rick Berkelmans / HEDOF and Renate Boere

Located at Vechtclub XL Europalaan 2B Utrecht
Doors open at 19.30

More info at BNO

Visiting the studio of ZAPP Live

APR'17 Saturday morning 15 of April I will be at the ZAPP live studio to tell more about how to make a stop motion animation. I will make a special Easter-egg-animation. See it live at 9.45-10.45 at NPO3

ZAPP live

CLAY 2056 at Groninger Museum

FEB'17 The animation CLAY 2056 is officially taken up into the collection of the Groninger museum. And now on display at the exhibition Hide & Seek from Maarten Baas.
Playing until the 24 of September 2017

Groninger museum


FEB'17 From the first of February we celebrate the new adrress!
Daalakkersweg 8-40
5641JA Eindhoven

WOTH Magazine

OCT'16 I had the pleasure to have WOTH (Wonderful things) visiting my studio. 
WOTH magazine No.2 is now for sale in the bookstores.


Dutch Design Week 2016

OCT'16 Welcome!

Finishing a new Stop motion with Maarten Baas

SEPT'16 Fine tunig the last bits for our latest collaboration on Maarten's CLAY Collection.
Stay tuned...

The Creators Project

AUG'16 An interview with me about my latest project, ENG.
And about the curse and blessing of stop-motion.
(Dutch only)



MAY'16 Sla de agenda’s maar open; dinsdag 31 mei presenteren La Bolleur en SSBA Salon voor de vijfde keer DRINKS, een talkshow over design. Laat alles uit je handen vallen en schuif aan in de Stadsschouwburg voor een grondige designupdate. 

In deze vijfde editie draait alles om schaal. Met speelgoed van Floris Hovers en meubels van Bertjan Pot. We duiken in de wereld van We Make Carpets en kijken animaties van Niels Hoebers. Uiteraard schuiven Julien Rademaker en Jaap Biemans(Coverjunkie) aan als vaste gasten. 

Het BOYS BIER staat al koud, dus tot snel in de SSBA Salon!

Datum: Dinsdag 31 mei
Inloop: 20u00
Aanvang: 20u30
Locatie: De SSBA Salon (Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam)
Entree: € 5,00


JAN'16 Very excited to start working on a leader for a series of children's horror/thrillers for the VPRO. Shivers, goosebumps and youth sentiment!!
In Collaboration with Michiel ten Horn and Pupkin Film.

Michiel ten Horn
Pupkin Film

Vogue Italia and Brazil

JAN'16 Latest project, The Bunny Bag Factory is featured on Vogue Italia and vogue Brazil!

Vogue Italia
Vogue Brazil

La Petite Usine

DEC'15 La petite Usine for Les petits Joueurs, new upcoming project.

New project for my hometown

NOV'15 Working together with EDHV and EHV365 on a new project for the city of Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week 2015 Open Studio

OCT'15 During the Dutch Design Week my studio doors are wide open. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by.

At Sectie C, 8-02. 
17-25 Oct. 12-21H

Walter at Thing Nothing in Van Abbemuseum

OCT'15 During Dutch Design Week (17 - 25 October), the Van Abbemuseum and Design Academy organise the exhibitionThing Nothing. Thing Nothing is on view in the museum until 15 November 2015.

Van Abbemuseum

Romanian Design Week 15-24 May 2015

MAY'15 My animations and sets for Maarten Baas, rENs and Nacho Carbonell wil be on display at the Dutch Design Awards exhibition on the Romanian Design week. 15-24 May, Bucharest.


New Stop Motion for Party for the Animals

FEB'14 Just finished a new Stop motion for the political party, Party for the Animals.
Presenting their new logo design and position on animal rights.
For the Animation click here.

Partij voor de Dieren
Commissioned by Studio Thonik
Audio Design by Fab Martini

**A Very Merry In Between**

DEC'14 To honor the forgotten days between Christmas and New Year, A Very Merry In Between!! And a inspiring and lovable new year!

Dutch Design Awards in Seoul

NOV'14 From 3 – 10 November the best of Dutch Design was on display in Seoul at 동대문디자인플라자 (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, DDP) featuring the finalists of the Dutch Design Awards. King Willem-Alexander opened the exhibition on November 3, 2014.

Featured DDA finalists: Rogier Klomp, VANMOOF; Studio Minale-Maeda; Benthem Crouwel Architekten, MVSA Meyer and Van Schooten Architecten and West 8; DUS architects; Viktor&Rolf; Lernert & Sander; Aziz Bekkaoui; Marijn van Oosten; Dave Hakkens; Sander Wassink; Lemz; Philips Design; Next Nature; Liselore Frowijn; and Niels Hoebers.


Dutch Design Awards Expo

OCT'14 During the Dutch Design Week I will be exhibiting 3 installations and 3 animations at the Dutch Design Awards Expo.
At Strijp T, TAB building.
Achtseweg Zuid 151

18-26 Oct. every day from 11.00-18.00h

Our new studio doors are open!

OCT'14 During the Dutch Design Week our new studio doors are open. The latest Stop motion animations and graphic collaborations from Exquisite corpse. 
Hope to see you there! At Sectie C, HAL H.
From 18- 26 Oct.
Mo-Fri 14h-21h
Sa-Su 12h-21h

Finalist Young Designer Award 2014

SEPT'14 I'm happy to announce that I have been selected as a finalist for the Young Designer Award 2014.
Thank you Tessa Blokland for nominating me! The Award show will be held on the 18 of October during the Dutch Design Week.

Dutch Design Awards

Walter at Walls Gallery Amsterdam

JUL'14 Habitus. Group exhibition with Collaboration O at Walls gallery Amsterdam.
From 12 July - 24 August.

Walter at yksi expo

MAY-SEP'14 Ode to creativity and craftsmanship. Group exhibition with Sectie C. 

Stop Motion Workshops.

MAY-JUN'14 Stop motion workshops at the Medialab on St. Maarten and Curaçao. Free for kids!


Salone del Mobile 2014

APR'14 Two animations are playing at Salone del Mobile in Milan.
One for Maarten Baas at his exposition 'Baas is in town'
And one for rENs and DESSO at their exposition 'RE-VIVE'.



APR'14 Working on 23 Camera arms for stop motion workshops at Curacao and St. Maarten. 

Dip & Dye

MAR'14 Just finished an new little Stop Motion RE-VIVE.
For rENs and DESSO, presented at  Salone del Mobile in Milan.


Shooting a new project

MAR'14 Shooting a new Stop Motion project for Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. A leader in the research and development of Mycorrhizae for commercial use. 


New Stop motion project for Maarten Baas

JAN'14 A little tease for an upcomming Stop motion project for Maarten Baas.

New Stop motion project

JAN'14 Shooting a new Stop Motion animation for Gilde opleidingen.
Launching their new website..

A very merry...2014

Volkskrant Magazine

OCT'13 You can win Walter's gold leaf head and the DVD. 
Untill wednesday 23 Oct.

Volkskrant Magazine

Paradise Reset

OCT'13 The interior of the Steentjeskerk will function as a context for the group exhibition 'Paradise Reset' Created and curated by Victor Sonna. Visitors are invited to walk through a forest of installations in which a variety of contemporary artists, designers and image makers present their autonomous projects.A creative generation that aims to let visitors experience that resetting our mental modems can lead to new ethics and aesthetics. Ranging from recontextualizing familiar objects and materials by Victor Sonna to reanimating stopmotion films by Niels Hoebers, redefining collaborations by Jules van den Langenberg, refabricating textile ByBorre, reshaping matter by Sander Wassink, reexperience earth by Harm Rensink, redrawing collaborations by Emiel Arts and reimagine organisms by Nacho Carbonell.

St Anthoniusstraat 5-7
5616 RT Eindhoven
Open During Dutch Design Week from 19-27 Oct. From 9H-24H

The First Cycle at Centre Pompidou

OCT'13 The First Cycle will been shown at ASVOFF 6th Edition
October 11, 12, 13th, 2013 CENTRE POMPIDOU, PARIS. The 1st International Fashion Film Festival by Diane Perne


New Stop motion project for the VU

OCT'13 starting on a new animation for the VU University in Amsterdam.
Underground markets.
Profesor Toby Kiers research is focused on how cooperation between organisms evolve and how individuals get punished if they fail to cooperate.

Official selection Montreal Stop motion Festival

OCT'13 Walter is part of the official selection for the Stop motion festival in Montreal, Canada!
Stop motion Festival, Montreal

Koempels online!

JUL'13 'Follow the process of making our stop-motion short Koempels. Dig deeper into the mines and see how Koempels has evolved.' By Michiel ten Horn en Niels Hoebers

New Stop motion in progress...

JUL'13 Animating Baby buggy's and Maxi cosi's for Oilily.

Salone del Mobile Milan 2013

APR'13 Revealing the latest stop motion animation "Hyperion"
made for Paul Heijnen. 
together with "Rapture" for Nacho Carbonell. And Walter, a dialogue with the imagination.
Presented at Rossana Orlandi.
Via Del Gesù 4 Milano.
Open from 9th April till 14th April. 
From 10.30 till 20.30.


New Stop motion in progress

MAR'13 Starting a new stop motion for Designer Paul Heijnen.
Reanimating Paul's latest light sculpture to life.
Release half of April @ rossana orlandi gallery during the Milan design week.

First price for Walter, a dialogue with the imagination

DEC'12 The animation Walter, a dialogue with the imagination received the award for the Best Stop Motion of up to 10 minutes at the International Stop Motion Festival of Brazil 2012!

Brazil stop motion festival

Project 'Koempels' is official!

DEC'12 thanks to Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur, Michiel ten Horn and me can start our new animated short "Koempels".
More news soon!


Lovely Li

NOV'12 Lidewij, congratulations with winning the 2012 Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Price!
xx Walter

Pop-up generation at Mudac, Lausanne

NOV'12 22 November 2012 - 3 march 2013 at mudac, Lausanne, Switzerland
Walter and the Motion cabinet.

Conceived by trend forecaster and curator Lidewij Edelkoort and upcoming at the mudac, the exhibition Pop-Up. Design between dimensions addresses the changes that the 21st century is undergoing, as revealed in the emergence of temporary, mobile and recyclable practices - be it in art, design and/or society.


Rapture at the Solar Cinema during the Dutch Design Week

OCT'12 Solar cinema will show the animation Rapture during the DDW.
data: thuesday 23 and thursday 25 october starting at 19.00
location: Ketelhuisplein, Strijp-S, Eindhoven.

Solar Cinema

REAL TIME clock for Maarten Baas

AUG'12 Working on a new Real time clock for Maarten Baas. In Collaboration with Philips Luminous textile.

VPRO Zomergasten "Romantiseren mag"

AUG'12 A online interview about me and Walter and the importance of the imagination.


Walter at VPRO Zomergasten

AUG'12 VPRO Zomergasten will interview Trent forcaster Lidewij Edelkoort. She will be showing Walter, a dialogue with the imagination during this show!!
Sunday August 12 around 20.20H @ NED2

Zomergasten Lidewij Edelkoort

Animating at Se-ma-for

MAY/JUNE'12 Animating at Se-ma-for studio's in Lodz, Poland.
Childeren animation serie.

Se-ma-for Studio

Milan '12

APRIL'12 Two Stop motion are playing in Milan during Salone del Mobile, Milano 2012. "Rapture" for Nacho Carbonell, at Rossana Orlandi gallery. And "Rood" for rENs, at Light Space in Ventura Lambrate.

Starting a new stop motion film project

MAR'12 Shooting a new Stop motion animation for Designer Nacho Carbonell. Release half of April.

Nacho Carbonell

The First Cycle selected for HAFF '12

MAR'12 The animation The first Cycle is selected for the Holland Animation Film Festival.


Talking Textiles 3 February - 15 March 2012

FEB'12 The animation 'The First cycle' will being showed at Talking Textiles at the Design Hall in Stockholm. Curaterd by Lidewij Edelkoort.


Walter at Hidden & Forbidden identities, Venice

FEB'12 Walter, a dialogue with the imagination will be shown on 5 different locations in Venice, Italy. At the international artExpo, hidden & forbidden identities. 
Starting on 11 of februari till 21 of februari.

Hidden & forbidden identities

Pop-up generation at MOTI Museum

DEC'11 POP-UP generation. Starting on 16 of Dec. till 13 of april 2012.
Exhibition at MOTI museum Breda. Curated by Lidewij Edelkoort. Walter and the Motion cabinet.

The Pop-Up Generation


NOV'11 Design.nl about Collaboration O


Starting a new stop motion project

NOV'11 Starting a new Stop motion project for Gevangenis Museum Veenhuizen.

Gevangenis Museum

Collaboration O on Trend Tablet

NOV'11 Publication about Collaboration O on Lidewij Edelkoort's Trend tablet

Trend Tablet


Se-ma-for's Asian express

OCT'11 Starting of Se-ma-for's Asian express animation festival, including Walter, a dialogue with the imagination. In Beijing, Madrid, Tokyo and Paris. 


DADA magazine

OCT'11 Publication in DADA magazine. Workshops and animations.

Open atelier at Collaboration O on Sectie C during the DDW '11

OCT'11 Exhibiting The first Cycle on the Motion Cabinet During the Dutch Design Week at Collaboration O

Collaboration O

FREE stop motion workshops!

OCT'11 Free stop motion workshops during the Dutch Design Week at Collaboration O

Walter at FILM + DESIGN Festival

OCT'11 FILM + DESIGN Festival at the Dutch design week showing Walter, a dialogue with the imagination.

Film + Design

Premiere 'The First Cycle'

OCT'11 Premiere of the First Cycle at Borre's fashion show on the Fashion week in Paris.

Starting new stop motion film

JUL'11 Starting a new stop motion project with fashion designer Borre Akkerdijk.

Stop motion workshops at Curacao

May'11 3 weeks of stop motion workshops in Curacao for Medialab Curacao

Medialab Curacao


MAR'11 Article on Abitare.it about the Motion cabinet and Walter



MAR'11 Article on Design.nl about my graduation projects.


Received my Startstipendium

JAN'11 Received Startstipendium By fund BKVB

Fonds BKVB

Nominated for new talent of 2011

JAN'11 Nominated by Blend magazine for New talent of 2011. Thanks Angelique Spaninks from the MU Eindhoven

Holland Animation Film Festival

NOV'10 HAFF Utrecht is showing Walter on the 6th and 7th of November.


Items live

NOV'10 Interview by Items live at pakhuis de zwijger.

Items Live

Graduation Show 2010

OCT'10 At Design Academy's Graduation show on the Dutch Design week. With Walter a dialogue with the imagination and the Motion cabinet.

Publication in Items Magazine

OCT'10 Items magazine, Selected graduate work of 2010


SEPT'10 Volkskrant Vijf Nederlanders in Guggenheim.


Guggenheims YouTube PLAY

SEPT'10 Nominated for the shortlist of Guggenheim's Youtube PLAY


JUNE '10 Graduated Cum-laude at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
With the animation Walter, a dialogue with the imagination and the Motion cabinet.


Niels Hoebers,
Born in 1981,  Horst, the Netherlands.
Studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Where he Graduated in 2010 Cum laude with the stop motion animation Walter, a dialogue with the imagination.
Directly after graduation he started his Stop motion animation Studio based in Eindhoven where he  produces Stop Motion animated production from concept to final edit.
Niels Hoebers' work characterizes it's selves by the wide variety of different materials he uses in his animations. The love and knowledge for these materials and their unique qualities ensure that the animations feel magical real. The creativity on with which he approach each and every project creates an unique alienation between reality and fiction.
The animations are executed in high-resolution and is therefore important that every detail, as in texture, form, light and composition deserves it's focus. 
Hoebers background as a designer plays a major role in this. 

Since 2018 he started to develop Slow Stories.
Slow Stories, subtle stop motion animated scenes that explores the boundaries within Film, Art and Time.
Video's without a beginning or an end, edited in an infinite loop.
Slowstory aims to create a more intimate relation with it's observer, letting them drift and imagine for a short period of time...
They are available in limited editions.

Do not hesitate to contact if you have questions.

I'm always on the lookout for talented interns with gifted minds & hands.
With a preference on building skills. Sounds like you? 
Impress me with your motivation, portfolio and resume and send it to;

NL +31 (0)629574483

Daalakkersweg 8-40
5641JA Eindhoven
The Netherlands


For the lates press download on the Slowstories  & objects click here

All Rights reserved Niels Hoebers 2022
General terms and conditions,  click Here (Dutch only)